At Tales of Threads, you get to explore and connect with textile crafts in so many fun ways. Find and either buy or rent unique items straight from the people who made them. Want to make something yourself? Our makers are here to help you out with the right knowledge and resources. Keep your items looking great with help from our makers, or learn to repair them on your own. Looking for more? Join our community, where creativity flourishes as we make, learn, and draw inspiration from one another.
Inspired by Lidewij Edelkoort’s vision of the Age of the Amateur, we champion a shift toward valuing personal creativity over brands and mass-produced goods. This perspective encourages everyone to blur the lines between hobbyist and professional, promoting the sharing of unique, handmade creations fueled by passion and personal expression.
Yet, we understand that creating and sharing your work can feel isolating and challenging on your own. Recognizing this, we’ve established a nurturing community for local makers. Here, sharing your craft is an empowering experience, supported by a network of friends.

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